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Andy Perostianis

The best Real Estate agents are the ones that know their community inside and out. After nearly 30 years with the Chicago Police Department, Andy Perostianis has gotten to know the city and it’s communities in depth. He dedicated his career to Chicago as a CPD Detective and retired, knowing it was time to switch gears and open the door to a new chapter of service via Real Estate.

Andy has always had a passion for Real Estate and once retired from CPD had the time to pursue that dream. He finds inspiration in knowing that you can accomplish whatever you put your heart into.

Andy channels that inspiration towards serving his clients. When selling or buying a home, the process can be extremely stressful. Andy’s belief is that it is his job to remove that stress for his clients and handle all their needs so that they can enjoy the great moments of the experience while confidently knowing that their needs are being met. Andy also knows how to keep the process fun and lighthearted.

With a background in public service, Andy recognizes the value first responders bring to our communities. Having been a Chicago Police Officer for nearly 30 years, Andy has seen the best in his community in it’s first responders…Police, Fire, Military, and Medical staff, and therefore offers special commission packages to all in these categories.

The call to serve doesn’t stop there. Animal welfare is something that Andy is also very passionate about. A portion of all his commissions are donated to The Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation, a local dog rescue organization that has saved countless stray, neglected, and/or abused animals. Several of these rescued dogs have found a new home in Andy’s home as well.

Andy Perostianis is a Realtor who helps people navigate the constantly changing Real Estate market and is part of the award winning team, The Abby Powell Group. Andy and his teammates provide exceptional service and are always there when you need, near or far.

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